What Is The Difference Between Cacao, Cocoa and Chocolate?

You may think the differences between various types of chocolates are minor. However, these differences can greatly affect the potential health benefits of the chocolate.
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Tyler Talks: Using Parasites To Cure Celiac Disease…I Call B*LLSH*T!

Hey guys,

I’ve just been in the sauna reading articles about parasites being implanted into people’s digestive systems.

WTF!!! Face palm!!

Some people with celiac disease have actually gone into hospital for this procedure so they no longer have symptoms from eating crap foods!

In my opinion, this is the absolute height of ignorance within our civilization. It’s crazy.

I want to share my thoughts on this with you as well as some other ‘interesting’ little pills that are being produced!

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Have a great day!

Tyler Tolman TT

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