Tyler Talks: How To Make Fresh Fruit Orgasmic!

There is something orgasmic about fresh fruit! When I sit down with fresh, right off the tree, organic mango that is just gorgeous and I smell it, sit with it, put it in my mouth and chew it, it’s just the best experience.

This week I’d like to share with you how we can nourish ourselves and feed our emotions with food.

I talk about processes that have been around for thousands of years and it saddens me that most people don’t have this level of experience with fresh fruit, maybe some of you do with some foods but I think some of the most orgasmic food is fresh fruit.

To understand this you’ll need to fast for extended periods of time, maybe 24 hours, but typically seven days, 10 days or more, or even intermittent fasting.

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May you be blessed with great health and glowing abundance.

Tyler Tolman TT
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