5 Health Benefits of Turmeric

View on YouTube 5 Health Benefits of Turmeric
http://ift.tt/2irtUO6 Turmeric has a long history of medicinal use. Among the most exciting benefits of turmeric is its potent anti-cancer activity. To discover other health benefits of turmeric, watch this video or visit Mercola.com.


The Event 432Hz

2017-06-30T02:05:04.000Z  The Event 432Hz

Today I wanted to create something that reflected how my inner being and soul felt. If this video uplifts even one person, it will have been a success. For all are one and always will be one. Thank you for checking this video out. Please feel free to share it anywhere you’d like. Much love as always!

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The Event

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Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE Glastonbury With Kat Kinnie

2017-06-26T14:01:29.000Z  Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE Glastonbury With Kat Kinnie

The Cosmic Awakening Show was LIVE in Glastonbury with Cosmic Numerologist Kat Kinnie. Kat is a singer, songwriter, and free spirit who lives in a world of numbers. This is Kat’s second appearance on an In5d show. Here is the link to our first show:


Host Michelle Walling asked about the following topics:
1. Diet, cleansing, and fasting for raising your vibration
2. Relationships- the collapse and re-building
3. Depression and suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks/anxiety
4. Facebook advantages and Facebook LIVE
5. Following the waves of energy from September to the beginning of 2017
6. The shift, cosmic frequencies, and quarantine
7. The Europe General Election- the Green Party
8. Ways to meditate
9. The Sirians and Lion Beings
10. Jesus and initiation Ritual
11. Orion

Find out more about Kat Kinnie on her Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/kat.kinnie

Come see Michelle Walling LIVE in Detroit on July 15, 2017:

Here is the Sedona event with Alba Weinman as mentioned in the show:


Here is Zoe Davenport’s show that was referenced in the video, filmed on the same day:

The Cosmic Awakening Show Intro song is “Acoustic Breeze” by Bensound- royalty free

A Deep Dive Into the World of Fat with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Shanahan

View on YouTube A Deep Dive Into the World of Fat with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Shanahan
In this video, Dr. Joseph Mercola, natural health expert and Mercola.com founder, and Dr. Cate Shanahan, a family physician and author of “Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food,” talk about good and bad fats. To know more, watch this video or visit Mercola.com.

Abraham Hicks – Ringing In The Ears Is An Indication Of – Upload By Dreamunity333 â˜‘

2017-06-19T10:20:43.000Z  Abraham Hicks – Ringing In The Ears Is An Indication Of – Upload By Dreamunity333 ☑

Abraham Hicks – Ringing In The Ears Is An Indication Of – Upload By Dreamunity333

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I dreamunity333 would like to give a huge thank you to Abraham Hicks. For allowing all of us the chance to share their message.

This video like many of my others feature Abraham Hicks voice from some of their live workshop appearances. With pictures that I may have created using Photoshop: http://www.photoshop.com/ or found via google https://www.google.com. While trying to capture the Abraham Hicks message.

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Dr. Mercola: First Thing To Do When a Cold or Flu Strikes

2017-06-17T06:29:48.000Z  Dr. Mercola: First Thing To Do When a Cold or Flu Strikes

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/10/26/vitamin-c-foods-fight-common-cold.aspx?x_cid=youtube Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about immune system as well as foods rich in vitamin C that can help boost your immune system when you have cold or flu.