Tyler Talks: 1 Day Water Fast – The Radical Benefits

Hey guys,

I want to talk about the radical and amazing benefits that come from one day of fasting.

If we look back thousands of years, there’s this guy by the name of Hypocrites who said when people got sick, simply fast ONE day.

Simply fasting that 1 day, which is either just drinking water or juices, which are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, minerals and little microfibers that just clean everything out, gives your body the time and space to detox. It allows the body to reset and catch up.

In this week’s video, I talk about a recent documentary that showed how in as little as 1-2 days of fasting, IGF-1 in the liver (which is the main factor in cancer growth) is CUT IN HALF.

And there are methods of supporting this one day of water fasting, which I’m also going to share with you. So please tune in to this week’s video to learn more and really clean out the shit left over from 2017!

To celebrate the start of the new year, we’ve also launched a BRAND NEW and COMPLETELY FREE 7-day Cleanse Membership Platform!!!

It is my mission to help as many people as I can, so we’ve kept it free. When you join, you’ll have access a wealth of information, resources, recipes and fasting protocols to really support your body as you cleanse or fast. Here’s the link to join: http://ift.tt/2CZiYiu

You can also receive ongoing guidance and support through our amazing 7-Day Cleanse private Facebook group: http://ift.tt/2DpWw31

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Tyler Tolman TT

PS. If you want to understand more about the science behind fasting and how you can use it, and other proven methods of healing, to literally transform your life, come along to my Longevity Tour. It’s only $45 and you can reserve your seat here: http://ift.tt/2CY5Vho
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