Left-Sided Pain Under Your Rib Cage

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Experiencing left side abdominal pain under your ribs? Try these remedies!

0:00 Left side abdominal pain under ribs
0:17 Cause of left side abdominal pain under ribs
2:37 What is bile sludge?
3:15 Best remedy for biliary sludge and left side abdominal pain
5:18 Need keto consulting?

In this video, we’re going to talk about left side abdominal pain under your ribs. I’ve talked a lot about right side abdominal pain, but what if you’re having a problem on your left side?

On the left side, you have your pancreas. Your pancreas produces the enzyme called lipase. Lipase helps break down fats.

If you have a gallstone stuck in your bile ducts, it can cause pressure to build up in your pancreas. This is because your bile ducts and pancreatic ducts join.

When the enzymes cannot leave the pancreas, they begin breaking down the pancreas tissue, which causes inflammation and pain.

Keep in mind that pancreatitis is often caused by alcohol or gallstones. However, 40% of the time, there’s an idiopathic cause—this means that there’s an unknown cause.

Further research uncovers that biliary sludge can contribute to pancreatitis. This is kind of a pre-gallstone, where you have bile sludge that blocks the bile ducts. Bile sludge is difficult to detect on a CAT, MRI, or ultrasound.

Bile sludge is concentrated cholesterol crystals. This does not come from having high cholesterol or consuming too much dietary cholesterol. It comes from having a lack of bile.

You need bile to break down cholesterol and keep it thinned. When you lack bile, your risk for gallstones and biliary sludge increases.

The best way to improve this situation is to increase your bile. There are several ways to increase your bile:
1. Lower your carbs
2. Fast
3. Lower your grains
4. Cut out vegetable oils
5. Cut out nut butters
6. Cut out alcohol
7. Stay away from corn
8. Take purified bile salts on an empty stomach (AM and PM)

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Thanks for watching. I hope these remedies help you with your left side abdominal pain under your ribs. I’ll see you in the next video.
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