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By Bernhard Guenther. As the the cosmic energies of our planet become increasingly-infused with the contrasting expression of light and dark frequencies during this Time of Transition, many of us (whether we are conscious or not of this elevation in contrasting vibrations) are experiencing breakdowns and breakthroughs at an accelerated pace. We are being pushed to awaken – to align with the divine force. This process is bringing up anything that is not of the same frequency that our spirit is currently “downloading” in order to be transmuted. Many things are transpiring and shifting on multi-dimensional levels which lie outside of our conscious awareness. The strong currents of these galactic waves are pressuring us to ride the flow of transformation. Any resistance and/or desperate need to control this process (based on fear) can cause us to get sucked into the undercurrent and be held under, until such a time as we…

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Global Awakening | Mary Rodwell: The New Human, Star Children and the ET Connection — Different Types of Contact and Evidence of Visitation | Stillness in the Storm

Conspiracy Daily Update

Published on Jan 29, 2017

Mary Rodwell presents her pioneering research on the new human, star children and the ET connection @ Paradigm Shift Summit, Gold Coast 2016.

Mary is an internationally recognised speaker and is the principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). Mary’s research is a cutting-edge journey into the phenomenon of star children and past-life regression therapy exploring the reality of extraterrestrial memories. Mary’s work is internationally recognised and has presented seminars throughout the world. As a published author, Mary’s pioneering researcher is grounded, practical and a deeply profound investigation into the extraterrestrial phenomenon. For more on Mary –

Books by Mary Rodwell:

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