Ireland Gripped By Tooth Decay Problem Since Fluoridating Water – Your News Wire

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A study published by the Journal of the Irish Dental Association has found that Ireland is gripped by a tooth decay problem due to the mass fluoridation of their water supply. 

At the end of 2015, Ireland was the only European Union country with a nationwide mandate for water fluoridation. The Fluoridation of Water Supplies Act of 1960 allowed the government to introduce compulsory fluoride in the water supply to 3,250,000 people.

Chemical Concern reports:

The agent used is hydrofluorosilicic acid. Corrosive to most metals it eats through concrete and Hazmat suits (impermeable whole-body garments must be worn to handle it as a gas may be released which damages the lungs. This and other adverse health effects are listed by NIOSH (US government agency)…

Source: Ireland Gripped By Tooth Decay Problem Since Fluoridating Water – Your News Wire

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Secrets Exposed – Aging Backwards

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In this remarkable interview with the owner of GET THE TEA we show techniques to age backwards


1) Wrinkles begin to go away

2) Energy Levels increase

3) Hair begins to come back

4) Virility Returns

When combined with Detoxing as show in the video THE CURE FOR CANCER, Sea Weed, Immusist and Citricare the results are remarkable – Cancer, arthritis, Alzheimers, Lymes Disease all begin to go away and children begin to walk out of Autism. See our other “THE CURE FOR” VIDEOS:…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Secrets Exposed – Aging Backwards

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Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar » The Event Chronicle

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(Amy Goodrich) Apple cider vinegar (ACV), the kitchen staple made from fermented apples, has a long history as a folk remedy for numerous conditions ranging from curing hiccups and alleviating cold symptoms to making your hair shine, whitening your teeth, and freshening your breath. Some people even turn to ACV to treat more severe health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, and obesity.While most of ACV’s known benefits are based on the

Source: Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar » The Event Chronicle

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