Experiments With Meditation Expose the Fallacy of Medicating Kids for ADHD

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Experts cannot agree on a single, simple definition of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but do agree that it causes unfavorable behavior in educational, professional and correctional institutions. Even the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the bible of psychiatric diagnosis, defines it using a multiple choice test for an array…

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The Virus of Consciousness And How To Remove Implants | Galactic Connection

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By Eric Raines and Vera Ingeborg


Nausea, extreme exhaustion, an intense longing to just sleep, endless thought spirals and recurring emotional breakouts – this is the current experience and reality not only for people just waking up, but also for people that have been on this path for a longer time and had already raised their frequency to a 5th dimensional level. They had already been enjoying the ease and flow of this plane – being completely in the Now, their true authentic self and completely free. All of a sudden it feels like being back to square one. How can that be after all the work done? How can I fall back so much? There is a reason for it and the experience can be turned around quickly again. We have to start by becoming aware of how the Matrix works and how we are manipulated energetically

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Big Pharma Corp That Spent Big Bucks Keeping Marijuana Illegal Gets DEA Approval For Synthetic Marijuana

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Big Pharma is known for putting profit before people’s health. Anonymous, for instance, pointed out that Big Pharma doesn’t want the general population to be aware of alternative treatments to curing cancer outside of chemotherapy. The organization pointed out: Do you know why oncologists still prescribe chemotherapy when they know it boosts cancer growth, doesn’t work…

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Pharmaceutical giant planned to destroy stocks of cancer drugs to force price hike – report

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One of the world’s leading drug companies considered destroying its stockpiles of life-saving cancer medicines and allegedly created artificial shortages in its attempts to profit from price hikes, the Times reports. Read Full Article at RT.com

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Canada Has Gone Where the US Fears to Tread – Monsanto’s Roundup Found In 30% Of Food

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Canada has gone where the FDA fears to tread, testing commonly consumed foods for glyphosate residues from Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller – and the results are literally sickening. The Canadian Food Inspection agency reports that glyphosate, the carcinogenic key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, was found in 29.7 percent of 3,188 foods tested in the last two years. Glyphosate was found in…

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Groundbreaking: China Study Links Immune Activation By Vaccination & Autism

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*This article is a summary of a larger article put together by J.B. Handley at Healthcare in America. It is a conglomeration of a wide body of recent research pieced together by a growing group of concerned scientists. For more information, please visit the website, vaccinepapers.org. A study out of China is the first to test…

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Bayer Infected Thousands Of Children With HIV — FDA Covered It Up – Prepare for Change

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After learning that a large batch of their painkiller pills were contaminated with HIV, the company Bayer decided to go ahead and sell their product to the public anyways.

The disturbing revelations, reported by The New York Times, prove how major corporations are capable of compromising the safety of consumers for a quick buck.

In 1984, the company knowingly sold over 100,000 vials of their product (priced at over $4 million) with the expressed permission of the FDA — yes, the Food and Drug Administration
allowed them to do it.

Complete History of BAYER — One of the Biggest Depopulationist Companies in the World

Luckily for American consumers, Bayer did not sell the contaminated product within the states, though it did not hesitate to ship internationally to Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

As a result of their reckless decision, thousands were killed…

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How Big Pharma’s Profit Machine Has Evolved | David Icke

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get-attachment (324)

‘More than a decade ago, the job of pharmaceutical rep was enviable. Direct-to-consumer advertising pre-sold many drugs so doctors already knew about them. Medical offices welcomed the reps who were usually physically attractive and brought lunch. In fact, reps sometimes had their own reception rooms in medical offices and seemed to see doctors before waiting patients.

By 2011 thanks to drug safety scandals and new methods of marketing, the bloom had fallen off the Pharma reps’ roses. The number of prescribers willing to see most reps fell almost 20 percent, the number refusing to see all reps increased by half, and eight million sales calls “could not be completed” at all, reported ZS Associates.’

Source: How Big Pharma’s Profit Machine Has Evolved | David Icke

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Trudeau Unveils Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Canada | David Icke

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‘Today, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, sticking to his campaign pledge, introduced legislation to legalize marijuana in Canada. But not just medical marijuana – recreational marijuana. A milestone in the country’s history and one for the world, too.

While many countries have decriminalized or allowed the medical use of marijuana, Trudeau’s bill – which is expected to pass – will make Canada the second nation after Uruguay to completely legalize cannabis for consumers. Media is warning that “experts” are working out the kinks before sales can begin. Each province will decide how marijuana can be distributed and sold within its territory, including prices and age limits.

Since this effort surrounds legalization versus decriminalization, Canadians can probably expect high taxes and regulation on the product, similar to Canada’s strict tobacco regulations and government-run liquor stores. However, unlike America, where marijuana is legal in some states but still federally illegal (fueling the…

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The One Vitamin That Can Help Repel Mosquitoes All Summer

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(N.Morgan) Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the of the most annoying bugs on the planet.

The red, itchy, bites can cause pain, scabs and can even lead to Infantigo, which is a bacterial skin infection.

It can be caused by two different types of bacteria: strep (streptococcus) or staph (staphylococcus).

Typically, these bacteria will infect skin that is broken or damaged by cuts, scratches, bites, eczema, or other skin conditions.

There are several ways to ward off biting bugs, from using Vicks VapoRub to garlic, and there is one thing these all have in common – to produce an odor that mosquitos simply don’t like.

There is also one vitamin that when ingested, produces an odor on our skin which is repellent to mosquitoes but undetectable by humans.

Here are 5 great tips to have a mosquito-free summer:

1) Take a B1 supplement.The one vitamin is Vitamin B1, otherwise known as thiamine.

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Choose Love Over Fear — It Will Immediately Change Your Life » The Event Chronicle

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By Julie Alexander

We live in a society full of fear, everything we do and say is controlled by fear. We have created this world with fear. Fear of not having enough money, food, friends, clothes, cars, fear of not having a good career, a good education — we are all driven by the rules of fear.

Unfortunately, fear leads us down a dark miserable path. Once fear gets hold of us it does not want to let go; we get used to living in a state of fear, not trusting others, seeing ridicule, insults, put downs in everything that happens to us.

Fear makes us feel small and failure takes over us. And, before we know it, we end up living with low self-esteem, which, in turn, creates more fear.

Fear creates a downward spiral.

Fortunately, there is a solution to fear, and that is Love. If you can…

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Author and Activist Explains the Link Between Vaccination and Eugenics » The Event Chronicle

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By Alex Pietrowski

“The eugenics movement has always been problematic, it has always reflected a desire to have people be in perfect health as a society, not really as individuals, but as a group.” ~Liam Scheff

Eugenics in one form or another has always been a part of human culture, however it has taken a quantum leap since the 1800’s when it was first codified into science by Francis Galton. Now, in the 21st century, eugenics is broadly accepted to be immoral and unethical, yet is disguised in many aspects of our society, namely vaccination.

“We live in a society in which eugenics is prohibited, a society that it doesn’t believe in abortion, we certainly don’t believe in infanticide, but we seem to be killing a lot of children, anyway. We seem to be killing a lot of children slowly.” ~Liam Scheff

Speaking on the connection between eugenics and vaccines…

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Broccoli Sprouts 175,000 Times More Potent at Killing Cancer Than Regular Broccoli

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Broccoli Sprouts 175,000 Times More Potent At Killing Cancer Than Regular Broccoli

Probably the most exciting nutrients ever discovered by mankind is PHYTONUTRIENTS!!!   These super nutrients are important because they are such potent disease fighters. In 1997, Johns Hopkins University found that broccoli sprouts contained a phytonutrient  called `glucoraphanin’ , and that it was the most potent cancer killing thing ever discovered by mankind. Broccoli sprouts contain around 50 times the amount of  `glucoraphanin’ over the conventional organic broccoli vegetable. But what scientists discovered next was more incredible, they found that the anti-cancer activity of broccoli sprouts was 175,000 times more potent on killing cancer cells over conventional broccoli (yes, 175,000 times). This is the reason why broccoli sprouts are so popular with cancer sufferers.

l like to soak 4 tablespoons of dry seed in a big 3 liter jar. That makes enough Broccoli sprouts to do about 250…

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They Thought She Was Insane: Doctor Finds RFID Chip In Sex Trafficking Victim…

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The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide and 4.5 million people trapped in forced sex trafficking around the globe. At least 100,000 children are prostituted annually in the U.S., adding to the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry. This is an extremely lucrative business, as pimps typically make between $150K and $200K per…

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Baking Soda Shampoo: It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like it Is Magic

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Have you ever read the ingredient list of your shampoo or conditioner? If you haven’t, then let me tell you this: it’s scary.

There are over 12 toxic ingredients to avoid in shampoo and conditioner, mainly because they have been linked with causing cancer, and other disease and illness.

Even shampoos labelled as containing “all-natural ingredients” aren’t safe. They still contain things like DMDM hydantoin and ammonium laurel sulphate. Not things that sound all-natural, right? My rule is – if you can’t eat it, then you shouldn’t put it on (or in) your body.
The Solution

Try baking soda instead. It enhances the quality of your hair and eliminates the residue of shampoo and conditioners, providing a long-lasting shine of the hair. You can use it instead of your regular shampoo and enjoy its amazing effects.

If you are a fan of DIY remedies and want to avoid the harsh…

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Chemtrail Critters Live on Camera! Watch These Artificial Lifeforms Wiggle! They Get Into Your Skin and Itch… Remove Them With Special Bath

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Chemtrail Critters Live On Camera!!!  Watch These Artificial Lifeforms Wiggle! They Get Into Your Skin And Itch… Red Wine Spit Test… Remove Them With Special Bath

Do not miss: Chemtrails are Being Transformed, According to the Company of Heaven

1.  Chemtrail critters called Morgellons disease are artificial lifeforms that rain down from the sky…

…they get embedded into your skin and can itch and feel well… squirmy… not a good feeling I am sure.

2.  Gail does the red wine spit test and look what she finds…

…she says: brush teeth drink a little red wine or organic grape juice hold it in mouth for 60 secs spit in paper plate add rubbing alcohol and baking soda.

3.  This treatment looks hopeful for those who have this condition…

Source: Chemtrail Critters Live on Camera! Watch These Artificial Lifeforms Wiggle! They Get Into Your Skin and Itch… Remove Them With Special Bath | Alternative

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Girl’s Ovaries Destroyed By Gardasil: Merck Did Not Research Effects of Vaccine On Female Reproduction — Collective Evolution

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“When one looks at the independent literature, so, studies which are not sponsored by the vaccine manufactures . . with relation to Gardasil, there have been several reports documenting multiple sclerosis and encephalitis, which is brain inflammation, in girls who have received their Gardasil vaccine. So, just because a study sponsored by the manufactures does not identify problems…

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