Broccoli Sprouts 175,000 Times More Potent at Killing Cancer Than Regular Broccoli

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Broccoli Sprouts 175,000 Times More Potent At Killing Cancer Than Regular Broccoli

Probably the most exciting nutrients ever discovered by mankind is PHYTONUTRIENTS!!!   These super nutrients are important because they are such potent disease fighters. In 1997, Johns Hopkins University found that broccoli sprouts contained a phytonutrient  called `glucoraphanin’ , and that it was the most potent cancer killing thing ever discovered by mankind. Broccoli sprouts contain around 50 times the amount of  `glucoraphanin’ over the conventional organic broccoli vegetable. But what scientists discovered next was more incredible, they found that the anti-cancer activity of broccoli sprouts was 175,000 times more potent on killing cancer cells over conventional broccoli (yes, 175,000 times). This is the reason why broccoli sprouts are so popular with cancer sufferers.

l like to soak 4 tablespoons of dry seed in a big 3 liter jar. That makes enough Broccoli sprouts to do about 250…

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