These Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemicals Were Found in These Shampoo Brands! – Prepare for Change

Conspiracy Daily Update

The worst thing you expect while shampooing your hair, is probably experiencing an eye burn or accidentally swallowing some foam. But, you might want to think again!

The Center for Environmental Health in Oakland, California, conducted a study which showed that the shampoo you use can be harmful to your health.

They discovered the presence of the carcinogen known as cocaminde diethanolamine (cocamide DEA) in at least 98 popular brands of shampoos.

Unfortunately, the dangerous cocamide DEA is present in many common beauty products.

This issue has become so widespread that 4 big shampoo producers received California lawsuit.

Cocaminde diethanolamine is the reason why shampoos are foamy, but it is also a carcinogen compound. According to California proposition 65, manufacturers are supposed to warn their consumers about the potential risks related to substances such as this one.

Once it was discovered that cocamide DEA causes…

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