Vicki Batts, Natural News 3-11-17… “Are we witnessing the fall of Whole Foods?” (…and the rise of “Organic Costco”)

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This article is more about the benefits of shopping at Costco for organics, and why people are turning to Costco. For myself, I always look for the “green signs” that mean “it’s organic”, and recently, I was thrilled to buy organic Brussels sprouts at our Costco!! Keep it up, baby!!

“Whole Foods was once the most popular place to go for all things healthy and organic, but it seems that many shoppers are expanding their horizons — and reeling in savings — by shopping elsewhere…

“…Costco, has stepped up their organic offerings and consumers are definitely taking notice… [they have] managed to outdo other conventional retailers when it comes to the sale of organic produce… in 2015, the wholesaling giant’s $4 billion in organic sales surpassed Whole Foods, which reported only $3.5 billion.

“Costco’s organic sales are growing so rapidly, that [they] announced that they would be pursuing an initiative…

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