The Orgasm Gap: Why Some People Orgasm More Than Others & Why Orgasms Are So Misunderstood | Stillness in the Storm

Conspiracy Daily Update

(Kalee BrownSex is often considered a taboo topic, even though the media constantly uses it to divert our attention to advertisements, music, and the entertainment industry as a whole. In reality, sex is not only a gift that allows us to procreate, but also a tool we can use to learn more about ourselves, our bodies, and even our inherent spirituality.

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by Kalee Brown, March 9th, 2017

Thanks to the media and the porn industry’s portrayal of sex, many people seem to think the entire point of intercourse is the end game: the orgasm. Not only is that extremely short-sighted. since sex is just as much about connection as it is pleasure, but a lot of people don’t orgasm during intercourse, particularly women. A new…

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